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Shirley is available to design a workshop that addresses your group’s specific interests and to offer classes, workshops, or in-services through your organization.

Ergonomic Movement Coaching for the Workplace

Do you come away from your workday with a headache, stiff neck, aching back, or sore shoulders and wrists? In this workshop you will learn how to apply body awareness and movement strategies to activities such as keyboard, mouse, phone, sitting and standing activities, lifting and reaching, and transitions from task to task. By applying Aston® Kinetics movement designs to your work activities, you can balance the workload for your body and feel more energized rather than spent at the end of the workday. Suggestions will be given for modifications to your work environment to support your optimal postural alignment and avoid repetitive strain injury.

Self-Care and Beyond for Health Care Providers

As a health care provider, your work is focused on the well-being of others. Long days of clinical care and documentation can take a toll on your body, creating discomfort or pain. Often there is no time or energy at the end of the day to focus on your own well-being. This workshop will teach you gentle exercises designed to release tightly held tension and to restore postural balance for more ease as you move through your day. You will learn a new way of moving that brings better body use to work activities and sustains your comfort with less effort, more effectiveness, and more energy for your life beyond work.

Aston® Kinetics Fitness for Living

Aston® Kinetics Fitness, a specialized system of movement education, teaches a sequence of exercises designed to release areas of held tension, improve postural alignment, and create balanced tone throughout your body. Learn to recycle the forces of gravity upward in your body to promote evenly distributed effort, reduce repetitive strain, and decrease your risk of injury. In addition to the workout sequence, learn to apply this new way of moving to everyday activities for increased overall fitness and sustained comfort as you move through your day with more energy and ease.

Aston® Fitness for Seniors: Put That Spring Back in Your Step!

Aston® Fitness for Seniors offers classes to older adults looking to enhance their physical agility and quality of life. More than just a standard exercise program, these classes offer a progression of simple exercises and movements designed to improve postural alignment and increase flexibility and strength. In addition, principles of safe body mechanics for functional activities such as walking, reaching, bending, lifting, and getting up out of a chair will be addressed.


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