Ergonomic Modification

Customize your work and home environment to support postural changes for greater focus and less effort.

Customizing your home and work environment to match your body proportions and activity demands can help sustain postural changes and prevent new discomforts. And so, learning how to modify your car seat, home seating options, office chair and workstation, or even how you tie your shoes, all can make sitting and standing more comfortable by supporting your balanced postural alignment and dynamic body use for longer periods without fatigue. These individualized modifications result in greater focus for tasks and more energy for the rest of your day. Furthermore, when movement coaching (for example, how you use your body while working at the computer) is paired with ergonomic adaptations to your environment, you are better able to sustain changes in tension levels for increased comfort. The entire collection of Aston Line postural supports can be viewed at

“After an individual Aston evaluation and session, Shirley visited my office to assess the challenges unique to my workspace. She had many helpful suggestions I could try on the spot. Her expert viewpoint helped us create a customized plan which included using fine tools, opening large heavy doors, sitting at a computer and shifting between workstations. Shirley also fitted customized Aston cushions to my chairs at work and in my car. I highly recommend working with Shirley. The experience has had a lasting, positive impact on my everyday life. She provided practical and compassionate care when I needed it most.”Jessica R.


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