Structural Bodywork

Resolve the cause of your discomfort for lasting relief. Sustain postural changes with a new way of moving.

Aston® Kinetics

Judith Aston, an original in the fields of bodywork and movement education, created her paradigm Aston-Patterning® in the 1970s (rebranded Aston®Kinetics). Her method of viewing and approaching the whole person takes into consideration your body’s inherent asymmetries and ability to engage with the forces of gravity to create resiliency and dynamic balance, helping you to actively sustain changes in tension levels and posture for increased comfort and improved performance during all your life activities. To learn more about Judith Aston, her work and teaching, visit

Aston-Patterning® Bodywork

Aston-Patterning® sessions begin with a review of your history to explore how cumulative life factors may have created postural consequences that have lasted beyond an original pain or injury. The resulting misaligned body segments are often put on hold, can create discomfort in other areas of your body, and affect the quality of your movement and overall health. Together, our shared observations of your habitual posture, tension level, and movement help us to identify your body’s dominant or more influencing holding patterns. Then, by applying the bodywork or movement techniques that best match the tension level in your tissues, we are able to balance your body’s overall tension. The aim is to allow your body more internal spaciousness, overall postural balance, and ease so that you are ready to move in comfort. Each session ends with a movement cue to help you to sustain and integrate the changes into your daily life.

“Before my sessions with Shirley, I had pain in my right shoulder every morning when I reached for my oatmeal box. During her assessment, Shirley observed that my postural alignment was strongly influenced by a scoliosis, and that the resulting upper body tightness affected how I was able to move my right arm. She patiently worked with me using bodywork and movement, allowing me to feel my weight bearing more directly through my body and to use conscious weight shift and my entire body while reaching for my oatmeal with increased ease and freedom from pain!” Nancy Keebler, OTR/L

Each of the Aston-Patterning® hands-on techniques is utilized based on an assessment of tension from superficial-to-deep as it relates to your postural and movement patterns, allowing each session to be specific to your body’s needs in the moment.

Aston® massage: Gentle broad spiraling technique, designed to address general tension, release more recently acquired holding patterns, integrate deep tissue work, and promote relaxation.

Aston Myo-kinetics®: Accurately addresses myo-fascial restrictions that may contribute to pain and decreased mobility through focused, comfortable touch.

Aston Arthro-kinetics®: Designed to release long-standing restrictions within the body’s tissues, along the bones and through the joints. These advanced techniques use a spiraling non-compressive approach that facilitates tissue and postural changes without discomfort.

Muscular Therapy

Muscular Therapy, a system of therapeutic massage developed by Ben Benjamin, Ph.D, provides relief for pain due to muscle tension or soft-tissue injury. Muscular Therapy addresses recurrent and common injuries, seeking to understand and resolve the underlying cause of your discomfort in order to provide lasting relief. In addition, Muscular Therapy teaches self-care techniques specific to areas of chronic tension resulting from overuse, injury, or life stress, along with exercises to rebuild strong tissues for your return to activity.

“I have been a client of Shirley's for 30 plus years. She is a kind, compassionate person who listens well, and is a skilled massage therapist. Her support over the years has helped me enormously, and I believe that our work together has enhanced my overall health.”Becky R.


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